It’s been over a week on my newest culinary audition. The discipline in these Japanese kitchens I have been working in as of late is unseen outside Nippon. Caution, unease and suspicion. Always expecting but never accepting as my pinkish fleshy sausages manipulates their creations. One flinch, a slip of the digits or a loss … Continue reading

Belly Of The Beast

As I entered the well-lit kitchen I envisioned the impossible standards that each meal must meet. The standards that came from this mixture of fire and ice, 16 hours of hell, 7 days a week under a days sky eternally lit with 3 stars . The walls arched into one another, polished steel arms reminiscent … Continue reading

Aromatherapy 2.0

It’s raining. It’s been raining since 4am when I let my dog out for his espresso free morning glory. The apartment has been invaded with the sweet aromas Tokyo offers when wet. Musky yes yet also vibrant and somewhat addictive. On my patio: a nasal mosaic of earthy basil, Italian parsley and chives. Pungent stalks … Continue reading

Heat in the Bedroom

Currently reading “Heat” by Bill Buford. An easy read dotted with the kind of humor only an outsider could see in the kitchen. A fantastic account of a novice’s adventures to becoming a chef in the kitchens of Mario Batali. I would recommend that you pick it up and give it a read. I’ve truly … Continue reading

The Great Unknown

I woke up sometime on a crisp spring morning last year and realized I am not 21 anymore. As I have reached the golden age of 27 I made the decision to exit stage left from the embassy in order to continue my professional development and most of all challenging myself as an individual. As … Continue reading


Currently frothing the Parsnip Fondue for tonight. Never quite a simmer but just below an onsen. Frothing allows the soup to slowly gain volume through the addition of air. If it boils – it spoils. It will be airy, light and full of earthy goodness. Accompanied with White Truffles and Rosemary, it is becoming one … Continue reading

Oh The Flavor Flave

Mamma pajama! The pickles are so good after only one week, but I think the carrots will need longer due to their density. Donnie Brasco says; “Forget about it eh!”

Spraying Chocolate, Cuisine=innovation + passion

Not long ago I was in Canada renovating my house with my brother. Memories provide a vivid account of yet another 14-hour shift completed in an apprentices cramped kitchen. Upon a short walk home and dripping with self worth we quickly dove into our work cloths and, at 1am, started gutting the bathroom, living room … Continue reading

The Best Pickles

              Currently making 4L of persimmon shochu, I added a little rock sugar to take the edge off the rice wine. I’m also slinging together 15kg of Pate Maison   Also I refuse to go another season with out some homemade pickles.   Grandma, this one is for you.

Stock Market Crashes 2.0 :A Market of Bear Cost and Bull Shit

I’m spoiled. No it’s true. As a young professional (just turned 27) I have worked hard all my life to allow myself the opportunity of putting passion, morals and integrity ahead of the business. Although I am capable of performing the biz angle when necessary . The truth is that I don’t own a restaurant … Continue reading