A Word From the Chef




At the age of 26 I’ve found myself cooking through Canada, China and now Tokyo Japan. Food to me is something sacred. Something more than just nourishment, its what makes life worth living really. Although my style and beliefs regarding my craft are constantly evolving,

I see an idea taking form within me that one day will make its appearance.




8 Responses to “A Word From the Chef”
  1. Jo says:

    Hey nolan,

    good job on your new website. I love it and look forward to seeing more interesting receipes.

  2. Chas says:

    Love the new website, great to catch up with you and see your career is doing amazing.

  3. Chef Whitney says:

    Hi Chef-

    Just came across your site…you are off the hinges!!!

    At this rate you will leave Elbulli, Fat Duck and WD50 in the dust in no time!

    Chef Whitney

  4. Thilak Basnayaka says:

    Hey Chef,

    good job on your new website. I love it and look forward to seeing more interesting technics.

  5. SurfaceEarth says:

    Now…that is a table.

  6. chefledarney says:

    Thx for the comment. It truly has been a pleasure to have my cuisine presented on such a beautiful canvas.

    Look forward to seeing you return.

    Chef N

  7. michelle lee says:

    hello…chef…i got attracted to your plate presentation…can u teach me some basics in colour contrasting? how to control the portion size for the main dish,vegetables and starch? I try to search about lamb rack recipes, may I know how to use candle nut to cook the sauce?
    Thank you! sorry for asking so many question….are you chinese? i realized you use chinese and cantonese…..

  8. Hi Nolan-

    Long time no see. I am trying to find you on Twitter but no luck. Do you tweet?

    Food looks gorgeous as ever.



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