Noodle At Dusk

Searching- My entry into this alley is as clumsy as the jagged corners which form the cursed labyrinth. Mint green walls- sun bleached, charred- seemingly close in ever more with each cautious step forward. The crisp air of the imminent darkness to come is held a bay by this towering crack in the midddle of Saigon. The city screams for relief.

Then a scent of excitment lunges at me through the stubborn air. The teachings of generations past provide the catalyst to continue on. There are noodles within that darkness.

Lost- rats hissing with unrest from the shadows. Birthing masses of fur, tits swollen and festering without mouths to feed are aware of our presence. They block our path. Unwilling to devulge their masters lair. Stupid bitches, it’s the mass of polished bones at your heels which betray you.

Like a sick form of a childs bed time read we are lead to our destination.

Instantly taken back by the overwhelming site before us….dangerous, intrusive,welcoming.

We have arrived…….

One Response to “Noodle At Dusk”
  1. SR'80 says:

    Haha….once a chef, always a chef. I admire your passion for good food! Looking for noodle in such alley would be a scary experience to me.

    Enjoy your “adventure” in Saigon!


    (Formerly known as Panna on Flickr. Just in case you don’t know who I am….hehe!)

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