Shanghai’d in Saigon

Has it been to long since last posting? Perhaps. For those who have continued to read- thank you.

I am going to continue to post content which, although may not be grammaticaly sound, is straight from the heart of one driven foodie, chef and travel junkie.

Add to that the impossibly small and intuitive iPhone key pad, being based out of shanghai and my fleshy sausages pounding away at this pocket tablet- the post will prove to be “as it happens” gorilla publishing.

First up?

Pig year torchon, hog face jelly, mayonaise warmed slowly from the tropical sun. Just as nature intended.

What could go wrong? Hehe

Orgasm via Saigon po’boy, delicious …… Easy ladies.

One Response to “Shanghai’d in Saigon”
  1. Cynthia says:

    I’ve often wondered about you but I figured that you have been very busy with work.

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