It’s been over a week on my newest culinary audition. The discipline in these Japanese kitchens I have been working in as of late is unseen outside Nippon. Caution, unease and suspicion. Always expecting but never accepting as my pinkish fleshy sausages manipulates their creations. One flinch, a slip of the digits or a loss of concentration delivers what they knew all along:

“He can not do what we do”

Bring it on replies this Chef.

4 Responses to “Concentration”
  1. Cynthia says:

    You show them what you’re made of Chef!

  2. Ernest says:

    Hello Nolan Ledarney, <–Is that too stiff…

    Your food looks great and the flavors are interesting and well thought. How do you come up with these inspirations? How’s the job search going?

    Anyways, I was wondering if you could give me any tips, one Canadian to another. I was surfing looking for any information about working in a 3-star restaurant and I stumbled on your site. I’ve just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Daikanyama from their cuisine course. There’s an agent working on getting a one-month internship for me at L’Osier in Ginza. Either that or at Signatures at the Mandarin Oriental.

    Any tips? I’ve never worked in a restaurant before. Just cooked for friends and large groups (100-150). First, I’d liked to know how to survive in the kitchen? Second, how do I impress them enough to be valuable? I’m trying to break into the culinary world but I’m a really late start, 31.

    Any tips would be great. Thanks.


  3. Laurent Beaulieu says:

    Nolan, what a beautiful website.
    I am arriving in Tokyo on Tuesday 14 Oct. hope to see you again.

    in Rome

  4. PC says:

    Hey Chef Nolan, we miss you! Time to update your blog and photostream la!

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