The Great Unknown

I woke up sometime on a crisp spring morning last year and realized I am not 21 anymore. As I have reached the golden age of 27 I made the decision to exit stage left from the embassy in order to continue my professional development and most of all challenging myself as an individual.

As of March 31, 2008 I will simply be known as Nolan, devoted chef, soon to be husband and a hell of a nice guy. My time in the last 5 months or so has been spent entertaining employment opportunities here in Tokyo, the Middle East, China and North America. I have a preference to stay in Tokyo as one might imagine but temptations are strong to run back to the familiarity of China.

I must resist…

Constantly motivating one’s self is an endless battle that seems to have no presumptive winner. Day after day marching into the aromatic dungeons of the hospitality industry and seemingly receiving the fatal chop each time as I exit the door. At the end of the day it is a game of contacts.  Slowly building up an army of people willing to whisper your name while they lounge and sip elixirs in the darkest cigarette lit havens of the after hours. I have been running my own PR campaign based on the shoelace express and vocalized through my website to promote my craft (thank you all who have taken part and found interest in my rambling’s).

I love my industry and I look forward to beating down every door in Nippon until one finally opens and I can once again prove myself through my passion.

5 Responses to “The Great Unknown”
  1. PC says:

    Nothing venture, nothing gain!

    Congrats and all the best to you!

  2. Kobe Rose says:

    Gambatte kudasai, Nolan-san! Ouen shimasu!

    No worries, Nolan! I’m in your corner. I know something will work out for you! (^_^)v

  3. Erin Dawson says:

    Wow, way to go Nolan, I will be watching to see what you are doing next. Good Luck in your new adventure.

    from some of Your old friends in Calgary

  4. Kate says:

    hey , thats suddently a lot of news from a guy who almost vanished off the flickr n blogsphere.
    Congratulations !!!! First on the wedding news … that is so grrrr8 !
    (u know u will hAve to fill me in with the details :p)
    And also on the new adventure u are about to enbark. Wish you all the luck with both. Your life is about to change in many ways and i hope its all beautiful and fruitful for you.
    Why dont u come n try working in HK ! i’m sure there are better opportunities than China atleast … but then again i cant say … u know better 😀

  5. Murray Ledarney says:

    Get a job you Bum!!! Just joking, i know you’ll find just the right new adventure, and what ever that is, you’ll succeed, as always, were all very proud of your accompishments.



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