Another Lunch



Salt and Pepper Roasted Parsnip Fondue
Scented with White Truffles
and Rosemary Foam
Foie Gras Compression
Purple Shiso and Spinach Strata
Sweet and Sour Gastrique
Pressed Tofu Curds
Perfumed with Grilled Matsutake
White Soya and Yuzu Nage
Chardonnay Poached Nova Scotia Lobster
On Braised Fennel Bulbs
with Garlic Foam and Winter Herbs
Pistachio and Raspberry Semifreddo
Pumpkin Sous Vide
24 Karats

4 Responses to “Another Lunch”
  1. chefledarney says:

    Just my luck. A lunch that I am absolutely happy with every course that went out and the battery in my Nikon is dead.

    Technology lost it for us on this one.

  2. Aimee says:

    It’s been WAY too long since my taste buds have enjoyed the yuzu sensation. Love the stuff. Love this menu, too.
    You mean there is usually pictures?

  3. chefledarney says:

    Oh yes!

    Please go to

    Look forward to having you back.


  4. Great menu ESPECIALLY the NS lobster! YUM! I had some while I was in Halifax in July this year. Oh how I love those creatures!

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