Just Another Night

Buffet 09.11.07



Citrus Poached Asparagus
Yuzu and White Soya
Steamed Canadian Chanterelle Custards
White Truffle Oil
Chilled Homemade Tofu
Sliced Scallions, Ponzu Jellies
Grilled Roots and Shoots
Aged Balsamic and Goats Cheese
Maple Smoked Sockeye Salmon
Pickled Shallots and Fried Capers
Canadian Inspired Sushi
Salted Cod Roe and Giant Kelp Nigiri
Arctic Surf Clams Scented with Cedar
Blackened Fillets of Ling Cod
On Braised Fennel and Winter Herbs
Herb Incrusted Rack of Spring Lamb
Spiced Dijon
Sautéed Green Peas with Mint
Vegetable Confetti

Assorted Desserts

2 Responses to “Just Another Night”
  1. Marianna says:

    I wish I could be you, and creating “just another menu” all the time!! Your menus are simply extraordinary- and that rosemary foam (in your lunch menu) sounds so intriguing!

  2. chefledarney says:

    You flatter me. My days are long and physically exhausting. Ten thousand things to multi task and not enough time to do it.

    The truth is I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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