Spraying Chocolate, Cuisine=innovation + passion


Not long ago I was in Canada renovating my house with my brother. Memories provide a vivid account of yet another 14-hour shift completed in an apprentices cramped kitchen. Upon a short walk home and dripping with self worth we quickly dove into our work cloths and, at 1am, started gutting the bathroom, living room or dinning room.

One of the most pronounced projects we embarked on was the installment of a wood burning stove. It was to be placed upon a brick and mortar slab and would eventually save us during the winter months. My father and I laid a foundation, began placing the bricks and mortar in its place but found it difficult to keep the bricks clean and we didn’t want to damage the newly refinished floors by cleaning the bricks after. It wasn’t until we were about 10 bricks in that I realized the addition of mortar and brick essentially was no different than icing a cake. I ran to my tool kit and grabbed my largest pastry bag I owned, filled it with mortar and piped the “icing” between the bricks. The smile on my fathers face, a carpenter by trade, as I combined both our passions into one it was something I will never forget.

Recently I embarked on little experiment of spraying chocolate over my desserts to give a powdered look to the exterior. With a painter’s spray gun and a mix of cocoa butter and chocolate it turned out to be a great way to present the desserts to our guests. Crisp; impossibly thin chocolate that melts into oblivion when consumed.

This is what cuisine is all about, doing what is close to your heart and in an innovative way.

Imagine what can happen when you combine your daily passion with a lust for food.





4 Responses to “Spraying Chocolate, Cuisine=innovation + passion”
  1. Kate says:

    Nolan this is brilliant. As we speak i have 2 painters outside my office right in front of me , annoying the hell out of me with their spaying gun and motor and i’m even a little high frm inhaling all the paint … haha
    and at a time like this to read ur post of spraying chocolate is just too much of a freak thing. U are very clever to use the gun for spraying the choc. I can imagine the texture it would give the cake…. i have to try this sometime .

    Hehe and that was a wonderful thing u shared with us …i’m sure your dad cherishes that wonderful moment as well. Really cute 😛

  2. PC says:

    You never cease to amaze us!!!

    Did you make the round chocolate decor with tempered chocolate and acetate sheets as well? I saw the process on Food Network before. It’s a fun project and I really want to try this at home. But I have to find out where I can buy those acetate sheets with pattern first. Wish me luck! 🙂

    I always have problems with melting/tempering chocolate. Either too thick or curdle!!! Only one out of three is okay.
    Any helpful tips to improve that?

    I’ve made choco-dipped strawberries and some small choco. items with melting chocolate before but the surface looked very dull. I just used those regular dark chocolate bought from supermarket. Is there any special chocolate designed for a shiny finish in your trade?

  3. Liz says:

    May I ask what ratio of chocolate to cocoa butter you use? And what types of chocolate do you use to spray desserts? Is your spray gun just a normal paint spray gun? I am intrigued with your method.

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