Stock Market Crashes 2.0 :A Market of Bear Cost and Bull Shit

I’m spoiled.

No it’s true. As a young professional (just turned 27) I have worked hard all my life to allow myself the opportunity of putting passion, morals and integrity ahead of the business. Although I am capable of performing the biz angle when necessary . The truth is that I don’t own a restaurant nor do I have a swelling mortgage. Grandma Ledarney always said “pay in cash or pay the price”. I don’t have a stack of letters every month from outstanding purveyors all demanding payment in full by months end, oh and no credit [sorry]. I receive no “friendly reminders” from the bank that the payments need to be made and I don’t hold a daily circus show of juggling credit cards to make ends meet. Hemorrhaging money is no fun.

This said, I find the choice to make everything in my kitchen from scratch an easy one. Chefs have been doing so, economically I might add, since Mr. Caveman made his first mud pie. Butter in butter cream, bones in broth. There is nothing that brings on a dry heave quite like the oil slick coating of butter cream which has been made from an emulsified shortening containing 33million other ingredients I couldn’t pronounce whether it be in English or Chinese.

Like I said, I’m spoiled.

Growing up in a family with little money, not starving but still a bean counting nuclear unit, I find myself hardwired to excel through hard work perseverance and the understanding of the classics.

In light of making a living and the horrors of inner industry competition one could understand the need for 100L of flavor, spray dried and packaged into a can.

Let’s face it, the choice is all of ours to make. When do we let go of an inch to gain a mile? I far do we travel down that mile before we u-turn and return to our roots?

It is life’s great irony that the hard things are easy to let go but hard to regain.

I’m a chef.

One Response to “Stock Market Crashes 2.0 :A Market of Bear Cost and Bull Shit”
  1. I’m a big fan of good food, but I’m an even bigger fan of the pursuit of dreams and the integrity-passion combo that you express so well.

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