The Stock Market Crashes!

The Stock Market Crashes!

Sell, Sell, Sell

It seems that restaurants everywhere are unknowingly taking the soul out their foods. With an ever-growing disposable income now growing in the world, new markets rising while others fall. It becomes difficult to find a proper broth, sauce, soup or stock that hasn’t either come from can or sprinkled between the digits of the most famous “chefs”. Productivity is everything these days. Now, more than ever, kitchens are expected to push larger quantities of consumers to the trough while the margin for food cost, yield percentages and kitchen space don’t change.

Base, oxo or ninja powder, they have many forms. I personally have five cans of the Knorr “consommé” powder in my kitchen. I find it adds a sturdy base to my cuisine. I should clarify that by sturdy base I mean I use the cans under the legs of my kitchen counter to level it off [ha ha]. What’s the point of adding powdered flavor to something if the end result is hollow, salty and not flavorful?

Take the time to cook properly. Actually scratch that. In this day and age we should all try to take the time and do anything properly.

Do it because it’s worth doing, not for advancement.


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