Bouillabaisse For Lunch Today

At the moment I’m entertaining a wonderful bouillabaisse for lunch today. A delicious broth of lobster bodies, leeks, fennel and celery leaves and tomatoes. For the seafood selection I have opted for Canadian black cod, lobster from Nova Scotia, king prawns, divers scallops and Pacific salmon.

My favorite part is the roullie. I love the zesty addition of this little potato aioli; I’ve added saffron and some chili to give it some kick.

Keep in mind this dish originated from the icy decks of fisherman’s boats. Large cast iron caldrons would be piled high with the bones and heads of the daily catch. It provided a hot meal on those lonely nights that was not only cheap but incredibly nutritious as well.

The word rouille in French literally mean “rust”. It is this tangerine color that gives the potato aioli its name due to the change in color from oxidation. It is used to add body and flavor to this otherwise light meal and pairs well with the crusty breads of the day.

The process is simple, as most great foods tend to be, braise the seafood in the broth, season, add a selection of roots and shoots, reseason and then plate. I like to dollop the roullie into the bowls and crown it off with some fresh winter herbs such as hearty thyme and elephant basil.

Of course what is life, and love for that matter, without crusty bread.

Yes, I love my job but I lust for crusty bread.

2 Responses to “Bouillabaisse For Lunch Today”
  1. chefledarney says:

    Oh baby the baisse was brilliant.

    A good mood consumes me.

  2. PC says:

    The new front page of your site looks fantastic!!!
    Kind of adobe flash?

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