Basic Crème Brûlée


Chef Nolan Ledarney
Executive Chef, Canadian Embassy
Tokyo, Japan

Yield: 6 people

750ml Heavy Cream
250ml Milk
250g Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean or 1tspn Vanilla Extract

12 Egg Yolks
Pinch of Salt

* Simply add all of “A” to a large pot and bring to a simmer.

* Place “B” in a bowl large enough to eventually accommodate part “A” and slowly whisk the boiled mixture into the egg yolks (adding the hot mixture to quickly will result in scrambled eggs).

* Strain the mixture and divide it evenly into your desired serving dishes that have been placed into a pan with enough water to cover half way up the cups.

* Bake in a 325F /160C oven until the custards are firm when lightly shaken, about 40 minutes.

* Once cool, sprinkle an even layer of white sugar over the top and burn with a torch until golden brown. Alternatively if a torch in not available substitute brown sugar and use the broiler setting in your oven. But watch them carefully so they don’t burn!

12 Responses to “Basic Crème Brûlée”
  1. Kate says:

    yay ! finally i see recipes !did u make the chocolate yourself too ? how do u do that with the colour n all. It makes a basic creme brulee look so high end , so classy !

  2. chefledarney says:

    Yes the recipes are flowing. The chocolate is bought but it’s easy to make if you had the pattern papers and space to do your own “silk screening” at home. Frankly from a cost perspective it’s much more effective this way.

  3. Kate says:

    Well i dont see that happening in my kitchen for the time being at least :((

  4. chefledarney says:

    Buying chocolate garnishes is easy for the home cook. They last a few months in a dry air tight container and will add a little something special to entertaining your guests.

  5. PC says:

    Glad to see some recipes here finally!!!

    I just bought a mini butane torch from H. depot at a very good deal. Will show you my finished product if the torch works, otherwise….

    Question: 1. How close (inches) do I have to hold the torch from above surface to brown the sugar?
    2. Start to brown the center or edge first?


  6. chefledarney says:

    I’m happy to hear your looking to try the recipe. If you’re using the broiler for the brown sugar:

    *Dry out some brown sugar by leaving it on your counter over night or in a container of dry rice for the same period of time. Then using a flour sifter, colander or wire mesh, “grate” the dry brown sugar evenly over the Brûlée

    *Turn your broiler up high

    *Place the Brûlée on the top rack

    *Watch until the sugar bubbles and the color is as dark as you desire. DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM IT!

    For the Torch:

    *Coat the custard with an even layer of standard white sugar

    * Keep the Torch on a medium flame and about 2-3″ away from the sugar, constantly moving in a slow circular pattern work your way around the entire surface until the color is golden brown.

    Send me the pics!

  7. PC says:

    Great recipe! Easy for our beginners to follow.

    Tnxe6 again!

  8. chefledarney says:

    Anytime Panna, more to follow

  9. Sylvia says:

    I found you in Flirk.and I think you are doing a wonderful job.Congrat.

  10. chefledarney says:

    Thank you very much. I love your quiche on the blog.

    Stop by anytime

  11. I’d have to say that creme brulee is one of my favorite desserts. I was at a buffet recently and they had quite a few of them in little cups in the dessert section. I think I ate about 5 of them. I am going to print this recipe off and give it a go. Any suggestions as to what to do with all of the egg whites?

  12. chefledarney says:

    Great question. I would suggest making French macaroons, pavlova or soufflé with t he left over egg whites. Alternatively one can also freeze the egg whites for use later in a consommé or to make marshmallows.

    One egg white fits perfectly in into an ice cube tray.

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