Canada Day 2007- the menu

Canada Day 2007






British Columbian Sea Food


Offering the freshest selection Canada’s pristine oceans can provide


Sockeye Salmon Lightly Scented With Maple Wood
Marinated Herring Roe with Giant Kelp
Citrus Infused Salmon Ceviche


Alberta Beef


27 days, aged to perfection


Charcoal Grilled Alberta Beef Tenderloin
Five Peppercorn Beef Tartare
Stone Roasted Bell Pepper Brochetts


Canadian Pork


Lean suckling pigs yet full bodied in flavor


Forever Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Quebec Maple BBQ Sauce


Saskatchewan Flaxseed


Painting the Canadian prairies a rich blue in summer
Nutty, wholesome and unique in flavor


Blue Cheese Mousse on Flaxseed Shortbread


New Brunswick Surf Clam Galette
Manitoba Wild Rice


With its roots in the aboriginals of central Canada, wild rice portrays
a harmony of past and present


Pesto Mousse in Wild Rice Profiteroles


Wild Rice and Spinach Quiche


Nova Scotia Lobster


Fragrant, sweet and definitively Canadian


Lobster and Leek Quiche


Lobster Salad, Poached Fennel


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