Edible Pics

I have found a new passion manifest out of an old one, photography. Yes photography has always been an idea nipping me in the back of my brain for many years and until recently I wasn’t able to indulge myself.

After purchasing the Nikon d70s last year, and many months of trial and error, I have been presently surprised at the different light photography places my cuisine in. When we eat most of us tend to look at our food first, perhaps negotiating the tactics from which to attack and then we quickly look elsewhere for some sensory input once we are past the third bite (the reason we dine for other I suppose…conversation). The movement of multiple course tasting menus consisting of one or two bites per course is an excellent example of this short attention span humans relate to food. That is however until a picture is taken.

I’ve been using Flickr for posting many of my food pictures and have had the great opportunity to meet other pro and armature photographers all showcasing their passions for capturing life through the culinary click of a shutter.

My hat goes off to them all for sharing their passion to the world and giving us a reason to take an extra minute to ponder where and how we nourish ourselves.


Edible Pics:





4 Responses to “Edible Pics”
  1. S Reis says:

    Thanks so much for your special mention of my link. I’m honored.

    My hat goes off to you too. Thanks for sharing your professional creations and advice with us.


  2. tartinegourmande says:

    Thanks so much for the nice mention on your post. Your food creations are so elegantly beautiful. I would love to eat at your table 😉 And I am convinced you will be very happy with your camera.

  3. Kate says:

    wow i just read that menu above,just blew me off…u are so talented Nolan ! Its very kind of you to mention me in your post.I feel truly honoured.Good luck with your photography.I know for sure your pictures will be as great as you food as u are an artist and it will show thru any medium you choose.

  4. Mikey Leung says:

    Hey Nolan,

    My friend it has been far too long since we’ve chatted but I see you are doing extremely well. The menus above sound absolutely sumptuous, and your photography is quickly becoming as excellent as your food. Keep up the passion my friend! I will find you on skype soon.


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