Learning the Language

I’ve been doing a lot of planning and coordinating to launch Nolanledarney.com 2.0. Yes I can Brulée anything with my eyes, leap over tall stock pots with a single bound and even cook classical cuisine if need be. The one thing I can’t do right now is write html!

Speaking computer is a lot harder than Mandarin or at least it is now. I’m slowly getting into it and hope to have things complete by mid-May.

So the battle continues and right now I seem to be loosing  :p

One Response to “Learning the Language”
  1. Mikey Leung says:

    hey man,

    if you’re stuck on something html drop me a line and maybe I can help. it will take a good month or two to develop all the features of your site, but when it’s done it will be sweet, i’m sure! I’ll be drooling over here..

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