Tokyo Eats 1.0

The futomaki is the Japanese equivalent to the edible garbage can ( don’t order the vegetable curry soup in any restaurant). It’s simply a pound of rice with anything and everything from pickles, ebi, tamago and anything else rolled together in a soggy piece of nori. I find them overly done and impossible to eat.

But in Japan testing the limits of peoples culinary tolerance is what it’s all about.

The futo maki

When in Tokyo and in the odd chance you find yourself with nothing to do, simply enter any of the amazing French patisseries, Boulanger or cuisine shops and let your nose do the walking. One of the many great things about this city is the diversity in its cuisine’s and the standard of quality that seemingly never dwindles.

Tokyo Sweets

Tokyo Puffs

The best snacks are these little roasted rice cakes that are made by pounding glutinous rice by hand, roasted over charcoal and then dipped in sweetened soy sauce.

Roasted Rice Crackers

4 Responses to “Tokyo Eats 1.0”
  1. Mikey Leung says:

    oh god i’m drooling all over my keyboard nolan. stop punishing me with food I cannot afford to eat here!!!! it’s torture. 🙂

  2. Renee says:

    I totally agree. I can idle for days just roaming the food departments of department stores in Tokyo (which I did! Especially in Ginza). Tokyo Food Show was like heaven to me. I have so many pictures of all the vendors with their pastries and beautiful gift packages (that I racked up my Visa with). I just remember that most of the desserts look better than they tasted, but oh well, feast for the eyes!

  3. Sal Reis says:

    Chef san,lucky you!

    Sometimes I’m so jealous of those beautiful European patisseries in Japan and HK.

    They look sooooo irresistible. Even some of them are more creative than what I’d seen in Europe before.

  4. chefledarney says:

    Thanks e3veryone for the great comments! Tokyo offers so much to the palate that I will be making a regular posting for “Tokyo Eats”.

    Sal Reis, indeed things tend to look better than they taste. In China the pastries always looked inviting but eating them spelled disaster. Beyond the lack of refrigeration on cream and custard filled items, all the pastries were usually made with coconut fat and hence, all tasted the same.

    Asia is an amazing place.

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