A Work In Progress



Christmas is upon us. With it comes a static energy that bubbles beneath as we draw closer to the day. I have been a busy bee this past month but finally found myself with a weekend off so I raced straight to Yoyogi park too take in the mosaic of colors as the Japanese maples do their annual autumn dance.

That crazy little energy that I spoke of earlier has found it’s way into my cuisine as well. Experimenting with presentation flavors and over all plating techniques gives away the fact that I am continually changing my style and have yet to settle in to any one school of thought. Makes sense really, considering my age (26) I wouldn’t think of limiting myself in any way. Thus I keep all options on the table and all doors open. Looking back on my years in Beijing I can now see a natural progression in my cuisine, a journey that has had ups and downs and an overall pledge to the ingredients I have to work with. Now in Tokyo, the ridiculous amount of fresh high quality and some time bizarre ingredients has me wondering,

What’s next?

Procuitto and crustiniProcuitto and CrustiniThe Art of PresentationCandied ScallopCandied Scallop, Vanilla Bean


A tasty Salad5 Spice Roasted Nova Scotia Lobster, Braised Fennel and Fresh Ricotta Ravioli

Poached White Asparagus, Pickled CitrusPoached White Asparagus, Pickled CitrusPlanning

One Response to “A Work In Progress”
  1. Mikey Leung says:

    Gorgeous presentation… must be like a paradise to have so many choices in Tokyo!

    I’ve had to become very creative in my works down here in Bangladesh—there simply isn’t the same wide range of ingredients that i’ve experienced, well, anywhere else! China had more, and it didn’t even have a lot at that. Still haven’t mastered the curry yet either. A work in progress.

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