Lobsters, Sex And My Life

Charity has to be one thing that I feel most of us probably don’t do enough. Being able to do something for another person without any strings attached lends an unmistakable feeling of inner warmth and plain old fuzzyness .

With that I have found myself doing what ever I can here in Tokyo and, as illustrated below, the response has been fantastic.

I was recently asked to produce a cake for a silent auction of which all proceeds would benefit the United Way. I decided to make an almond sponge with citrus butter cream. As a seasoned Chef it’s a hell of allot of fun to get back to the classics of cuisine that we don’t usually work with.

Real butter cream, I’m talking about pounds of rich butter folded into meringue, is like sex on a fork.


The cake ended us selling for an amazing 9000yen, about 77USD!

Tomorrow I will be catering the annual “surf n turf” here at the Embassy. 200 people, Canadian Lobsters, steaks and salads galore. I’m excited to get knees deep in the pasty goo that flows freely when a knife cuts a lobster in half. Any cook who has prepared lobster on a larger scale will undoubtedly know where I’m coming from.

His name is timmy.

Butter Poached Lobster
gets you high and covered in crustaceans.


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