Back in Tokyo

Just returned from Hong Kong. I was coming into Tokyo on the limousine bus (it’s a regular bus with a fancy name) and realized how great life in right now. Having traveled extensively through Asia it is always refreshing to look back on the arduous path that it took to get here and attain the success that I have.

The hours worked, tears spilled and most of all the support of my friends and mentors.

I’m coming up on a big week including a Lobster BBQ for 250 on Wednesday.

I’ll post some pics.


2 Responses to “Back in Tokyo”
  1. Mikey Leung says:

    Congratz on that success too, you deserve it dude. Anybody who knows you knows how hard you’ve worked for it. I’m subscribed to your blog and watching from Bangladesh.

  2. chefledarney says:

    Back at ya mate, will be watching your progress with great interest

  3. Mikey Leung says:

    Can you send some of that lobster my way too? 🙂

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