Bali Bound

So I found myself with a few weeks off and decided to head to Indonesia for a little fun in the sun, satay and all the gado gado I could find. Indonesia, a place that has eluded me since my arrival to Asia almost five years ago, really seems so distant and mystical.

Unfortunately the touristy areas around the Bali area afforded no truly authentic Indonesian or Balinese delights but the “westernized” renditions seemed to give an insight into what one might find if they chose to invest a more adventurous approach to their travels.

Cuisine has always been the highlight of any travel or vacation I’ve embarked on. It truly doesn’t matter where I am or which food is to be sampled. I must feed the need to experience the culinary gems of any nation and try to understand it, the culture and the history behind each dish.

I will return to Indonesia….


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