And So It Begins

So after 10 years of wanting to get to Tokyo I’ve done it! The past four years spent in Beijing were amazing. One language studied, the best friends I’ve ever made and a life experience that, so some tell me, most don’t ever have in their lives.

Back to Tokyo though, the kitchen is amazing and my god the products I have to work with truly inspire while bringing out the best in me.

Therefore I have created this blog. As the past 4 years taught me, keeping in touch and spreading the good word is never an easy thing. The more you read into the experiences and times had as I enter my mid twenties one truth will become apparent…

I am not a writer nor do I pretend to be. The inner workings of the English language are a mystery to me but at the end of the day one cannot master everything right?


I’d like to see you single handedly prepare, plate and present a 7 course dinner for 30 Ambassadors and dignitaries…..

Ya that’s what I thought :p

Enjoy the ride.

The mighty MatsutakeMy noodle house


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